Apply to be one of the 5 projects I will use to launch CHOP SUEY in 2019!

To establish CHOP SUEY this year, I am looking to assemble a portfolio of 5 projects without any cost* to those selected

Artists, musicians, collectives, artist studios, project spaces, music promoters may apply to produce a run of 50 limited edition prints of their own work, through one of the varying approaches outlined here

The 5 selected projects will receive:

• initial consultation and review of work/project in person

• a written proposal and plan for design/making of 50 limited edition prints (one design only)

• workshop access and training/instruction depending on approach

• 50 limited edition prints of your own work that you may sign and edition yourself at no cost*

The next deadline is: Saturday 25th May 2019

Selected applicant announced within a week of the deadline

Subsequent deadlines will be on the last Saturday of the month, up until September 2019. Each selected project will have it’s own time frame, but should be completed roughly within 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation

All applicants will be considered, there will be 5 deadlines over the course of 5 months, with the first in May. As time progresses I anticipate more people applying, so apply sooner to have more chance of being selected!

Selection will be based on the portfolio being varied in the types of projects the editions are for. I will not be looking critically or curatorially at the work, other than for variety, For example, I would like to work with at least one artist who works primarily in sculpture or video, but equally with a collective would like to create something collaboratively

* materials costs will only occur if you chose to opt for specialist materials not already stocked in the workshop, but ordered in specifically, these would remain at cost price

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