I work with artists, curators, arts organisations and project organisers to produce limited runs of high end hand finished print/book editions

Producing a run of limited edition prints or publications with CHOP SUEY could benefit you if:

  • you would like to develop printmaking/bookbinding skills and to produce your own work in the CHOP SUEY workshop. See DIY
  • you would like a run of high end limited editions produced to support, accompany or document a project, but you require expert advice on how print could be used as an appropriate extension of the project. See Collaborative Design & Make(eg. editions can be a profitable sideline alongside projects which do not have saleable objects)
  • you have a print or publication already designed, you would like it to be produced in the CHOP SUEY workshop. See Simple Print/Bind Service

I am flexible and open to those not yet sure on which route they may take- please just get in touch!


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